777 777

“Set in a contemporary depiction of heaven, 777 is a surrealist opera narrated through living Renaissance paintings. The video is fully animated, and uses experimental techniques in motion capture and 3d lighting to create the feeling of Renaissance chiaroscuro in motion.”

Music video for Joji’s “777” directed by Saad Moosajee, U.S., 2020.

Making-of video:

Key credits
Directed by Saad Moosajee
Production Company: Pomp&Clout
Executive producer: Ryen Bartlett (Pomp&Clout)
Producer: Russell Greene (Pomp&Clout)
Visual Effects Supervisor: James Bartolozzi
Lead Design & animation: Saad Moosajee, Zuheng Yin
Design & animation: Chanyu Chen
Dance & choreography: Maya Man
Storyboard: Zhoutong Qi
Asset design: JD Gardner
Costume design: Chanyu Chen
Concept design: Zhoutong Qi
Houdini artist: Dan Clark, Tatsuma Nakano (Swordfish)
Typography: Min Kim
Texture Painting: Jenny Mascia
Rigging TD: Lee Wolland
Cg generalists: Piotr Gabinsky, Henry Hilaire Jr
Virtual Production TD: Mahe Dewan (Silver Spoon)
Performance Capture Supervisor: Peter Collazo (Silver Spoon)

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