Real Human Being Real Human Being

Music video for Ryan Martin’s “Real Human Being.”

Directed by Michaela Müller and Anna Samo, USA, 2020.

Fimmaker statement by Müller and Samo:

Paint on glass—the technique for this video requires hours in a dark room, every frame has to be painted by hand, recorded, wiped away, then painted again. We were working in our own little studios — although we were separated, there was the feeling of sharing the same situation. It was a playful process where each of us added what she liked to have in the film, ping-ponging animated sketches back and forth. We took the energy and the mood of the song as our lead. It is the story of a lonely person, wandering through the city with an ever more heavy heart. Starting in a rainy dark place the character manages to find a way to brighten up the town’s mood, creating music with his heart, finding new hope.

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