Shannon Amen Shannon Amen

Shannon Amen unearths the passionate and pained expressions of a young woman overwhelmed by guilt and anxiety as she struggles to reconcile her sexual identity with her religious faith. A loving elegy to a friend lost to suicide.”

Film by Chris Dainty, Canada, 2019.

Read Cartoon Brew’s piece about how filmmaker Chris Dainty developed Shannon Amen’s mixed-media approach using hand-drawn animation, ice animation, stop motion, and archival materials.

Key credits
Director and writer: Chris Dainty
Based on writings, art, and music of Shannon Jamieson
Voice: Shannon Jamieson
Sound design: Sacha Ratcliffe
Storyboard: Chris Dainty, Bradley Cayford, Fabian Jacobo Cuevas, Jeff Amey
Character design: Izzy Campbell, Élise Simard, Chris Dainty
2D animation: David Seitz, Phil Lockerby, Hyun Jin Park, Lynn Scatcherd, Andrew Doris, Luc Chamberland, Sean Branigan, Chris Dainty, Rodolphe Saint-Gelais, Jamie Gallant
Stop-motion animation: Chris Dainty, Lynn Dana Wilton
Backgrounds: Fabian Jacobo Cuevas, Chris Dainty, Izzy Campbell
Director of photography: Karim Ayari
Editing: Chris Dainty, Trevor Dixon Bennett
Compositing: Fred Casia, Élise Simard
Vfx: Fred Casia, Élise Simard
Technical director: Éloi Champagne
Producer: Maral Mohammadian
Executive producer: Michael Fukushima

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