“Moving through a world filled with scanners and surveillance algorithms, while frivolously using different social networks, online forms, and credit cards, the man of today gives away his privacy voluntarily. A decent citizen has nothing to hide. Only criminals do.”

Film by Daniel Šuljić, Croatia, 2015.

Selected at 54 festivals and a yearly exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb.

Idea, drawing, director: Daniel Šuljić
Animation: Martina Meštrović, David Lovrić, Jelena Oroz, Nenad Laktašić, Daniel Šuljić
Sound effects: Stanislav Kovačić
Sound design/music: Daniel Šuljić
Compositing: Daniel Šuljić
Production: Kreativni sindikat
Producent: Igor Grubić
Executive producer: Morana Bing
Made possible with the support of HAVC (Croatian Audiovisual Center).

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