Sunbelly Sunbelly

What if dogs were the last life forms in the universe? What if they also had the technological advancements to create and pilot spaceships for off-planet exploration?

In his candy-colored and semi-optimistic cg sci-fi short Sunbelly, Kentucky-based animator and illustrator Jordan Speer answers these and many other never-before-asked questions.

A short that takes itself just seriously enough, Sunbelly posits an implausible scenario with a hopeful resolution that’s a heck of a fun ride. Watch the film via sci-fi channel Dust:

Sunbelly features, among other things, a chase scene between a robot flea and a disembodied, rocket-propelled dog-head-shipcraft that looks – in a great way – like a popular toy on which an early-1990s series might be based. Much of the film features Looney Tunes-esque landscapes and a vibrant color palette. These elements, in combination with a graphic application of 3d, lay the foundation for its lighthearted tone. However, the film’s grittier bomb-kissed, deep-space setting gives the film a somber edge appropriate for a post-apocalyptic story, which it ultimately is.

Sunbelly was produced by End Cue, Nice Try, and Encyclopedia Pictura.

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