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The Simpsons sucks. Madhouse beats Ghibli. American cartoons only really got good in 1991.

If you like animation and hang out on Twitter, you won’t have missed a certain conversation in recent days. It was launched by a tweet from artist Janine Trexe, in which she invited people to share “your most controversial cartoon opinion.” The discussion swiftly blew up as people from all corners of the industry pitched in with their thoughts, ranging from playful to serious. In some cases, people raised crucial issues that are rarely talked about in public.

We’ve collected the sharpest and most provocative ones below. Which do you agree with, and what’s your most controversial opinion? Let us know in a comment at the bottom.

Frank Angones, producer, writer, story editor, Ducktales:

Josh Weinstein, writer and producer, The Simpsons, Disenchantment:

Matt Braly, creator, Amphibia:

Jorge R. Gutierrez, director, The Book of Life:

Shannon Tindle, creator, Kubo and the Two Strings:

Sam King, director and storyboard artist, The Curse of Molly McGee:

Stephanie Gonzaga, director and story artist, Gremlins:

Kaiji Tang, voice actor, Doraemon:

Adri T., illustrator:

Shane Lynch, script coordinator & writer on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power:

Dave Trumbore, animation journalist, Collider.com:

And finally, our very own editor-in-chief, Amid Amidi:

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