Cartoon Culture

Looney Tunes Stoners – III

Yesterday, as a Christmas gift to its listeners, New York area radio station WFMU posted on its Beware of the Blog a series of rare 1982 Mel Blanc anti-drug public service announcements. In them, Blanc speaks as himself and five of his most famous Warner Bros. cartoon characters. The PSAs were found by collector Drew Dobbs (aka “Mindwrecker”) who says, “Thrill to Porky at a smoky, scary drug party and being offered animal tranquilizers, Yosemite searching for tough guys not softened up by hard drugs to duel with, and so much more.” They’re a hoot! Listen for yourself:

Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck
Foghorn Leghorn
Porky Pig
Yosemite Sam
Mel Blanc himself

(Thanks, Devlin)