Will Smith, Chris Rock Will Smith, Chris Rock

The global animation community wasted no time in adapting the “greatest night in the history of television,” as Will Smith took to the Oscars stage and slapped Chris Rock over a joke the comedian made about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

While last week’s Oscars represented a low point for the Academy in many ways, particularly when it comes to animation, the global animation community was quick to put their own spin on the unforgettable evening. Below, ten of the more interesting animated takes on The Slappening.

  • Lee Hardcastle’s stop motion clip was up within days of the slap, and is already pushing 5 million views!

  • 3d artist Mojahed Fudailat poked fun at Smith’s delayed rage, playing up the popular idea that Smith wasn’t offended until after he registered the anger on his wife’s face.

  • C’est pas mal’s interpretation offers up a surprise twist ending.

  • Pyroz0X used Roblox to animate their version of slap hear round the world.

  • Eder KF Cardoso skipped the actual audio from the night, opting instead for a more violent soundtrack to his deliberately wonky-looking short.

  • Bryce MK rotoscoped a black and white clip of the slap to look like a Take on Me outake.

  • VR Lolathon recruited Smith and Rock’s most famous animated counterparts for their interpretation.

  • PPerl Animation utilized technology from Men in Black to make their Oscars audience forget what had just happened on stage.

  • Liven & Limel Productions cut and pasted archive audio to present a different reality in which Rock does the slapping.

  • And in perhaps the most violent adaptation, OffenT had Smith slapping Rock into low orbit in their adaptation, which they say took between seven and eight hours to complete.

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