It’s the roaring twenties and things are looking great for Frederick Frinklesworth II and the rest of the New York Stock Exchange, but when his daughter Betty is left in his care for the day can Fredrick and Wall Street survive the mayhem that ensues?

Director: Gervais Merryweather
Writer: Gervais Merryweather, Adele Coburn
Art Director and backgrounds: Henry Lambourne
Concept artist: Daniel Permutt
Animation assistants: Henry Lambourne, Emiliano Gonzales Alcocer
Daniel Permutt, Joshua Butler,Elias “Uva” Diaz
VFX Supervisor: Victor Tomi
VFX Artist: Jason Evans, Doychin Margoevski
Editor: Chloe Lambourne
Composer: Jonathan Hill
Sound designer: Vicente Villaescusa
Cinematographer: David Woodman
Concept Designer: John Merry
Created at the National Film & Television School, 2012

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