A fox has a life-after-death experience. “The challenge for me as an animator and director was to translate an emotional experience I’d had to the audience but through a bizarre situation that can only be depicted with animation!” said filmmaker Iain Gardner.

The Tannery was commissioned by Channel 4’s 4mations banner, produced by Scottish animation production house Axis Animation, with music composed and arranged by Belle & Sebastian’s Mick Cooke.

Read an interview with Iain Gardner on Directors Notes.

Written, animated and directed by Iain Gardner
Composer: Mick Cooke
Cello: Rosie Townhill
Cor Anglais: Katy MacKintosh
Viola: Liam Eoin Lynch
Sound Design: John Cobban
Assistant Animation: Rachel Everitt, Ulrike Keil
CG Production: Debbie Ross
CG Supervision: Wiek Luijken
3D Lead Artist: Drew Robertson
3D Layout: Stu Shapiro, Richard Clay, Dana Dorian
Render Manager: Jamie Murray
With Thanks to
Inbetweening: Andrew Macpherson
CGI Registration: Kate Kulendikova
Artworking: Owen Rixon, David Bell, Neil McDonald
Digital Artist: Oliver Villegas
Scanning: Maxwell McCarthy, Neil Menzies, Laura White
Script Development: Alan Gilbey, Peter Hynes and Marilyn Cherenko with the students at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, Anthony Schrag, Miss Humphrey

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