Animation Art Auctions

Is it me, or are animation art auctions becoming less and less frequent?

One thing is for sure, vintage production cels are getting scarcer and scarcer, and their values (in other words: prices) are getting higher and higher. I can’t afford to collect these pieces myself but I love getting the catalogs to see what still survives.

I sure hope some of the material (cels, backgrounds, pencil animation, model sheets, etc.) listed in the latest S/R Laboratories Auction catalog (Fall 2008) ends up in the right hands. Several jaw dropping items posted there include this original title card (above) from the black & white Silly Symphonies (left) and the main titles from the super-obscure 3-D Jamboree (which was publicly screened in 2006 at the 3-D Festival in Hollywood). For more information on this auction, to get a copy of their catalog, or to view it online, click here.