Animation History Round-Up #4

Drawing by Cliff Roberts

• Rediscovering the early illustration work of Fifties-era animation designer Cliff Roberts.

• The new two-disc dvd set of The Jungle Book has spurred some terrific blog posts. Story artist Mark Kennedy shares various thoughts on the film, including some incisive comments on pacing in animated features. Animator/director Will Finn writes an appreciation of Ken Anderson’s work on Jungle Book, and animator/director Michael Sporn talks about why the film is a dull celebrity-driven failure.

• Where did Disney artists live in Los Angeles when they were working on Three Little Pigs (1933)? Hans Perk maps it out for you.

Punchy De Leon

• Two infrequently seen animated shorts for your viewing pleasure: MGM’s The Unwelcome Guest (1945) and UPA’s Punchy De Leon (1950).

• An incredible Betty Boop drawing by Grim Natwick.

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