How big of a Popeye fan are you? Probably not as big as Nicholas John Pozega, who made a massive poster with screengrabs from every classic Popeye short.

“I made [the poster] as a tribute to the Popeye the Sailor cartoons made by Fleischer Studios, which I consider to be the greatest theatrical cartoons ever made!,” writes Pozega. “[I] included pics from all 109 of them, with an honorable inclusion of Let’s Sing with Popeye as a coda!”

The poster is a fun way to remember Popeye’s greatest moments, like the time he ate spinach and beat up Bluto, or that other time he ate spinach and beat up Bluto, or…well, you get the idea.

Download the full-sized poster below — and good luck finding a printer that can print it out.


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