Lost Bosko title card?

I’d never seen this before. Oh I’d seen the cartoon, but not this title card.

Mike Kazaleh found a recent upload of a rare 2-color MGM Bosko cartoon on You Tube. It apparently comes from a newly restored print and contains a few flash frames of a previously unseen Bosko title card (above) at the end. This frame isn’t on the TV print that was in circulation in the 1960s. In fact, the old TV print has these frames curiously blacked out. The cartoon, Bosko’s Parlor Pranks from 1934, is one of the first of Hugh Harman and Rudloph Ising’s Happy Harmonies series. It’s also a “cheater” using ample stock shots and animation (now in color) from previous black & white Bosko Looney Tunes cartoons. Enjoy it now before it’s removed: