More from TV Guide

Three more vintage pieces from TV Guide, presented for your historical reading pleasure. Click thumbnails below to enlarge and read. First up, on the far left below, a color spread on Ward Kimball’s first Tomorrowland episode Man In Space from the March 5th, 1955 issue.

In the center, a review of “TV Cartoons” from the December 30th, 1961 edition. Esteemed critic Gilbert Seldes (The Seven Lively Arts), in the brief space alloted, manages to praise early Disney, Bullwinkle and “a 15-year-old (Paramount) Popeye” – while putting down the use of canned laughter, The Flintstones and Disney realism. A good read.

Finally, on the far right, a page from the February 16th 1963 issue commemorating the birth of Pebbles on The Flintstones.

(Thanks, Stu Shostack)