Popeye Vol. 2 Bonus Materials Popeye Vol. 2 Bonus Materials

Popeye Vol. 2 Bonus Materials

popeyeboxv2.jpgLast week Warner Home Video announced the release date (June 17th) of Popeye Vol. 2.

One of the bonus materials mentioned on the official sales sheet was the 1939 Max Fleischer feature film, Gulliver’s Travels — and this has confused many people (at least according to email I recieved). I’ve just received the actual, final list of bonus materials to be included on this set and Gulliver has been dropped. (I have no idea where they would’ve gotten the print from, or how it would’ve fit on the crammed two disc set). No need to fret, however, over the loss of an oft-seen widely available animated feature. The bonus goodies included in this package are even more exciting — particularly several rare items unavailable anywhere else.

Here then, is the full and accurate list of extra content on Popeye the Sailor Vol. 2:

Disc 1

The Jeep by Historian Glenn Mitchell
Bulldozing the Bull by Writer Paul Dini
Mutiny Ain’t Nice by Filmmaker Greg Ford
Goonland by Historian Glenn Mitchell
A Date to Skate by Historian Michael Barrier with Animator Gordon Sheehan
Cops is Always Right by Historian Michael Barrier with Animator Dave Tendlar
Customers Wanted by Director Eric Goldberg
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp by Filmmaker Greg Ford
Wotta Nightmare by Historian Jerry Beck
Hello, How am I? by Animator Mark Kausler
It’s the Natural Thing to Do by Historian Michael Barrier with Animator Arnold Gillespie

Popeye Popumentaries
Eugene the Jeep: A Breed of His Own – Running Time: 3:14
Poopdeck Pappy: The Nasty Old Man and the Sea – RT: 5:07
O-Re-Mi: Mae Questel and the Voices of Olive Oyl – RT: 8:30
Out of the Inkwell: The Fleischer Story – RT: 48:00

Disc 2

Stealin Ain’t Honest by Director Bob Jaques
Puttin on the Act by Historian Daniel Goldmark
Popeye Meets William Tell by Filmmaker Greg Ford with Animator Shamus Culhane

Popeye Popumentaries
Men of Spinach and Steel RT: 6:21

From the Vault
Paramount Presents Popular Science (1938 Paramount short; behind the scenes at Fleischer’s Miami studio) – RT: 6:16
The Mechnical Monsters (1941 Superman short) – RT: 11:01
Early Max Fleischer Art Gallery – RT: 3:04
Females is Fickle Pencil Test – RT: 0:29
Stealin Ain’t Honest – Storyboard Reel – RT: 6:00 est.
I’m Popeye the Sailor Man Vintage Audio Recording – RT: 2:27 (audio only)
Michael Sporn Interviews Jack Mercer – RT: 6:12 (audio only)

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