Rare Iwerks cels

Click on thumbnails above for full screen image. Mike Van Eaton just acquired these very rare cels from the Ub Iwerks studio of 1930s and wanted to share. Take a look and drool! The first is apparently a model sheet on a cel, probably created for the ink-and-paint department for reference. The one on the right comes from Aladdin and The Wonderful Lamp (1934), but strangely enough the Genie is green here, on screen he’s red (or orange). Could this have been a test cel for the ink & paint crew? That film, and the center one from The Headless Horseman (1934), were released in the two-color CineColor process. Note that Bram Bones vest is yellow, but on screen its orange. Mike is also wondering about the background:

The background on the headless horseman piece has a very strange timing bar across the bottom…almost looks like a ruler..see if you can see it in the scan. Have you ever seen anything like that? Do you know what it was used for?

Van Eaton plans to sell these in the near future. If interested contact Mike through his website.