It’s rare when they are showing cartoons at L.A.’s CineFamily/Silent Movie Theatre without me, but that’s what’s planned on Wednesday December 1st. Animator Tom Sito will host a program of Pioneering Silent Animation at 8pm, featuring rare 35mm prints restored by the George Eastman House. Koko the Clown, Oswald the Rabbit, Mutt and Jeff and Felix The Cat will be represented in films by legendary animation directors Friz Freleng, Dave Fleischer, Paul Terry, Otto Messmer and a certain obscure fellow named Walt Disney. The evening’s program includes:

Domestic Difficulties (1916, Mutt and Jeff)
Trapped (1923, Koko the Clown)
Felix Gets Revenge (1922, Felix The Cat)
Felix Trips Through Toyland (1925, Felix The Cat)
Felix Flirts With Fate (1926, Felix The Cat)
Felix Trifles With Time (1925, Felix The Cat)
Felix Kept On Walking (1926, Felix The Cat)
Scaling The Alps (1928, Aesop’s Film Fables)
Weary Willies (1929, Oswald the Rabbit)
Sky Scrappers (1928, Oswald the Rabbit)

For more information and tickets: click here.

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