Whatever happened to Molly Moo Cow?

Yesterday the Library of Congress announced its latest inductees to the National Film Registry, which included work by these notables in (or related to) animation: Walt Disney’s Bambi (1942), Ed Catmull’s A Computer Animated Hand (1972) and George Pal’s live action War Of The Worlds (1953). Great choices, well deserved!

But where is the love for the groundbreaking Van Beuren cartoons of the 1930s? When will the Library of Congress recognize the greatness of Cubby Bear, Waffles the Cat and Molly Moo Cow? Vincent Gargiulo created this faux commercial from 1986 for the 50th anniversary VHS edition of Van Beuren’s Molly Moo-Cow & The Butterflies. Gargiulo says “only 4 copies were sold”.

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