Woody Woodpecker Favorites

If you are reading this blog and didn’t purchase Volume 1 of Woody Woodpecker and Friends last year… well shame on you! You still can still order it here. If cost was an issue, or if Walter Lantz cartunes aren’t your thing, I urge you to seek out this special “spotlight collection”, Woody Woodpecker Favorites (box art above center) which goes on sale March 10th, 2009.

The disc contains 15 Woody Woodpecker Cartoons (Knock Knock, Pantry Panic, The Barber of Seville, Ski for Two, Chew-Chew Baby, The Dippy Diplomat, The Loose Nut, Who’s Cookin’ Who?, Bathing Buddies, Fair Weather Fiends, Musical Moments from Chopin, Banquet Busters, Wet Blanket Policy, Sleep Happy, The Redwood Sap), plus bonus cartoons: Fish Fry with Andy Panda, Pied Piper of Basin Street a Swing Symphony, and these Tex Avery classics: The Legend of Rockabye Point (with Chilly Willy), Sh-h-h-h-h-h and Crazy Mixed Up Pup. If that isn’t enough, the disc includes two bonus episodes of The Woody Woodpecker Show: Episode #53 (Featuring Kiddie League, Charlie’s Mother-in-Law, The Bird Who Came to Dinner, Fish & Chips) and Episode #56 (Featuring Billion Dollar Boner, Coming Out Party, Romp in a Swamp, Pest of Show).

Sounds like a bargain at $19.98 (it’s going for $13.99 on Now you have no excuse not to try some classic cartoon goodness from Universal Pictures.

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