Crawford by Chuck Jones

Did you know Chuck Jones drew a daily comic strip in 1976 and 1977? The strip concerned the musings of two children, not unlike Jones’ animated character Ralph Phillips (and his friend, as seen in The Adventures of the Road Runner featurette). I used to clip the Sunday Crawford strips (sometimes titled Crawford and Morgan) each week from the New York Daily News. But my collection is far from complete.

Collector Kurtis Findlay is currently compiling these strips and locating a publisher for them. But he’s asking me if I think there is enough interest in a bound, complete collection. I, for one, am very interested. Though Crawford is part of Chuck’s later psyche, and appeals more to the intellect than the funny bone, its significant for understanding the man and where he was at this time. That’s of interest to me – but is it to you? Is this a comic strip worth collecting in permanent form?