The Sunday Funnies (6/27/10)

We don’t write ’em, we just post ’em. Every Sunday, we round up the comic strips that make reference to classic and current animated characters. This week, submitted for your approval, from the top: Medium Large (6/21) by Francesco Marciuliano; Brewster Rockit (6/22) by Tim Rickard; Argyle Sweater (6/27) by Scott Hilburn; The Other Coast (6/24) by Adrian Raeside; Strange Brew (6/21) by John Deering; and Moderately Confused (6/26 & 6/21) by Jeff Stahler.

(Thanks to our comic strip mavens: Jim Lahue, John Hall, Kurtis Findlay, Charles Brubaker, Ed Austin, Jed Martinez and Uncle Wayne)