“101 Dalmatians” Color Stylist Walt Peregoy Speaks

Walt Peregoy

Walt Peregoy is best known as the color stylist of 101 Dalmatians and headed the background department at Hanna-Barbera in the late-1960s. The Animation Guild‘s business rep and intrepid interviewer Steve Hulett spoke recently with the 85-year-old Peregoy and their conversation can be heard below. If you’ve ever heard Walt speak before, then you know what to expect, but if you haven’t, be forewarned that there’s a lot of swearing and everyone he talks about is either a son of a bitch, a buttboy, a white supremacist or a motherf**r. Unlike Charlie Sheen though, Walt’s rants are actually pretty entertaining.

Part 1 ( link to MP3 file)

Part 2 ( link to MP3 file)

Above, left to right: Thelma Witmer, Eyvind Earle, Frank Armitage, Walt Peregoy. Below, a 101 Dalmatians key by Walt Peregoy to cleanse the palette.
Walt Peregoy