A Gummie Bear web reunion

Jymn Magon has begun a series of live web events aimed at Disney fans, animation aficionados, and aspiring writers & artists. His first event is pulling together a Disney Gummi Bears reunion, as a two-hour webinar featuring photos, artwork and interviews with the creative team that brought this show to life. Basically, people register, then they log in a few minutes before the event, and once it begins they watch the live broadcast with the ability to ask questions in real time.

Guests include:

• Voice of Grammi Gummi – JUNE FORAY
• Voice of Sunni Gummi – KATIE LEIGH
• Series Director/Producer – ART VITELLO
• Layout whiz – ED WEXLER
• Original Background Designer – GARY EGGLESTON
• Title song composers – MICHAEL & PATTY SILVERSHER
• Series writer – MARK ZASLOVE
• Co-creator & story editor – JYMN MAGON

This web event will be presented next Saturday, December 11th, at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern). The price is $20 and is limited to 50 participants. Visit Magon’s website for more details and registration.