Disney’s Feng Shui


Notice anything animated about this room?

According to Drexel Heritage, this is furniture inspired by Walt Disney! The Disney Signature Collection is what they call a “life-style brand”. There are over fifty pieces in the collection, none of them featuring any characters, but all inspired by the Moderne office decor of the Burbank studio of the 1940s (with names that make reference to famous locations in Disney history – like the “Kingswell Chair” and the “Marceline Mirror”). Some of these pieces are really nice – but this behind-the-scenes sales video is, at best, a bit pretentious.

So grab your copy of Mike Barrier’s The Animated Man and get comfortable in the “Storyteller Sofa”, grab a drink from the “Buena Vista Bar Cabinet”, and put your feet up on the “Animators End Table”. After a hard day of mocap and key framing, you deserve it.

(Thanks, Brad Constantine)

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