The voice of Peanut in Disney's "Pickle & Peanut" was not pleased with criticism of his show on this website.
The voice of Peanut in Disney’s “Pickle & Peanut” responded crudely to criticism of his show on this website.

Last Friday we posted our first look at Disney’s upcoming series Pickle & Peanut, and as the Internet tends to go, reaction was mixed. Comments ranged the standard gamut of reactions from “IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!” to “Why haven’t we stopped all of these terrible random cartoons?” In other words, your run-of-the-mill online post.

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Johnny Pemberton's profile photo on Twitter.
Johnny Pemberton’s profile photo on Twitter.

The voice of Peanut, actor/comedian Johnny Pemberton, however, apparently has never experienced online criticism of any kind, even the tame variety like this, and took to his Twitter tonight to criticize Cartoon Brew’s commenters.

He summed up his feelings by using a crude sexual insult directed at Cartoon Brew’s readership, calling our site’s commenters “cum-guzzling trolls,” and then followed it by suggesting that our commenters have “negative follower/following ratios.” (The latter insult probably stings more in Hollywood where popularity is everything.)

[UPDATE: Pemberton deleted his original tweet.]


For the record, Cartoon Brew’s own commenting guidelines do not allow the use of personal insults/ad hominem attacks, and Pemberton’s comment would not have been approved had it been posted directly to our site.

The jury’s still out on whether Pickle & Peanut will be a quality show, but let’s hope for the sake of Disney TV Animation’s PR department that the show is good, because their Peanut can’t handle criticism of any kind without resorting to not-Disney-approved proclamations about the semen-eating capabilities of critics.

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