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Disney’s Encanto, which has opened to strong reviews and box office, enters awards seasons as a favorite. Any success at the Oscars or elsewhere will place the limelight on the directors and producers; less so on the many artists who made the film the visual spectacle it is.

Their talent is on full display on Instagram, where many have been posting exquisite designs and other concept artwork from the production. Below is some of the best work we’ve seen by the film’s art directors, visual development artists, and story artists.

Camille Andre, art director of environments. An early piece of concept artwork for the film:

Bill Schwab, art director of characters. Designs for Camilo:

Mehrdad Isvandi, art director of environments. An early design of Casita, the main house:

Lorelay Bove, assistant production designer. The Madrigal family tree:

Meg Park, visual development artist. Designs for Julieta:

Zane Yarbrough, story artist. Mirabel exploring Casita:

Samantha Vilfort, story artist. A design for Isabela:

Scott Watanabe, visual development artist. Early development artwork for Casita:

Nick Orsi, visual development artist:

Zac Retz, visual development artist. Development artwork for the town:

Neysa Bove, costume design lead. Early concept artwork for Mirabel’s costumes:

Artwork at top by Scott Watanabe (left) and Meg Park (right)