Whatever happened to limited TV animation? For those of us who remember when Jonny Quest was state-of-the-art for TV adventure animation… this leaked footage (below) from Disney’s Motorcity is pretty amazing. The animation looks really slick for a TV production, and especially good for a show that’s digitally animated in flash.

Here is an eleven minute compilation of nine sequences pulled from upcoming episodes. These clips showcase the animation and compositing techniques employed in the series. Each sequence features the final composited footage, followed by the animation in it’s rough form.

Created by Chris Prynoski, Motorcity is produced by Robin Red Breast, Inc. (a subsidiary of Titmouse, Inc.) and Disney Television Animation. It premieres this Monday, April 30th at 9pm, ET/PT on Disney XD. The first episode is now available to watch for free on iTunes (there’s a free iPhone/iPad game on iTunes as well). More information on this clip reel after the jump.

The following information was provided by the studio. It corresponds to the footage in the clip reel:

Motorcity is animated with a combination of Flash, Maya and After Effects – with backgrounds and other elements created in Photoshop.

1) Mike and Chuck explore the auto parts store: This features some really subtle character animation by supervising animator Mike Roush. It showcases how the motion of the floating screen was animated in Flash, then used as a guide by lead compositor Steve Kellener to swap out with screens generated in After Effects.

2) Deleted scene from the first episode: This is a sequence that was taken all the way to completion, only to be cut from the episode at the very end. It’s features Jacob swooping in to save Mike and Chuck in his ride, Sasquatch. Character animation by Albert Pardo.

3) Taking down the Ultra Golems : This features a heavy integration of 3D vehicle animation and 2D effects. Having grown up on a steady diet of Japanese anime, Edward Artinian is our 2D effects guru. Keith Yan handled the complex integration of all elements in the composite stage.

4) Mutant HOUND attacks Mutt: Directed by Juno Lee, the sequence from this episode combines one of the most ambitious combinations of 2D and 3D animation in the series. The impeccable design hand of Brandon Cuellar brought not only the vehicles, but the HOUND to life.

5) Tooley Fight: Animated by Jeremy Polgar, this sequence showcases just how full the “tradigital” animation is being pushed in the series.

6) Texas confronts Kane: In this dream sequence, Texas finally squares off against Kane. Animator Sean Covernton, brought both incredible comedy and action to this sequence.

7) Electroblades fight: This sequence features incredible action animation by Ben Li. This is another sequence that had to ride the line between action and comedy.

8) Mushroom Runnin’: Animated primarily by Braden Poirier, this sequence showcases not only the animation department, but the incredibly talented background artists. The BG paintings were keyed by Anthony Wu. (With crazy jumping scene animated by Jeremy Polgar!)

9) Chuck vs. The KMG : Once again, Mike Roush brings incredibly full animation to Chuck. Marina Gardner animated much of the Mike action. This is another sequence that employed extensive composite techniques by the team of Tom McDonnell and Mike Newton.

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