For Sale: Rare Disney acetates

Several decades ago, a collector named Mary Rose acquired a collection consisting of some very rare (possibly one of a kind) Disney production recordings from the estate of studio musician, percussionist Hal Rees. These are the acetate discs animators used to animate to. Most of these recordings are dated between 1937 and 1940 and are from such films as Dumbo, Reluctant Dragon and The Little Whirlwind. The recordings have been very well cared for and preserved – and contain early versions of Disney songs, sound effect tests and audio of directors comments made during early stages of production and offer a unique audio glimpse behind the scenes.

Now Mary is interested in selling all or part of this collection to the proper buyer. To me, that would mean a buyer willing to make this material accessible to all of us interested in hearing it. If you might be interested in purchasing one or all of these pieces of Disney history, check out Mary’s website and contact her directly at maryerose2-at-yahoo.com (this email address is better than the one listed on her site). May the best collector win (and share these with us)!