Happy Birthday to Cartoon Music

Today the American Composers Forum is commemorating the birth of a “quintessential American form of 20th century music: cartoons”.

Actually, there is a lot to celebrate today. November 18, 1928 was the day Steamboat Willie, Disney’s first cartoon with a synchronized soundtrack, premiered at the Colony Theater in New York City. This is also the official birthday of its star, Mickey Mouse.

Because of this, Carl Stalling is being featured today with a tribute on Composers Datebook despite the fact that Stalling didn’t create the musical track for Steamboat Willie (Willfred Jackson and Carl Edouarde did that). There’s no doubt, however, that Stalling is a seminal figure in both Disney music and Warner Bros. cartoons and his influence is still being felt today.

So “Happy Birthday” to Mickey, Willie and the soundtrack of all of our lives – Cartoon Music!

(Thanks, Uncle Wayne)