Jules Engel on Bambi


These three caricatures, above, are of Jules Engel enacting part of a storyboard on Bambi.

Don’t strain your eyes. Click here to see a full size version of the first one, the second and the third. Christine Panushka, Professor of Animation and Digital Arts at USC, has been cataloging Engel’s archives and papers, and has been finding some amazing things. Christine says:

I have been carefully sorting through Jules estate trying to preserve any relevant materials. Besides these wonderful caricatures, the archive documents Jules’ artistic practices, his teaching processes, his time spent working in the animation industry, for Charles Mintz, Disney, UPA and Format Films, and his personal life.

CalArts and I have agreed that we will work to place the archive at an institution where the materials will be preserved properly for the future and be available for scholars.

Christine will keep the Brew informed as to where this material ends up. In the meantime, we’d love to know who did these sketches. If you have any idea whose work this may be, email us or post a comment below.