Make Your “Tangled” Box Office Predictions Make Your “Tangled” Box Office Predictions

“I believe we’ll outperform The Princess and the Frog,” says Disney worldwide theatrical distribution chief Chuck Viane. “The question is, are we Bolt? Are we Enchanted? Or are we something bigger?”

Tangled opens today in a crowded holiday frame led by the latest Harry Potter film. The Wrap wrote about the film’s box office prospects and says earning projections are in the $40 million range for the five-day Thanksgiving holiday. Share your predictions in the comments below for the FIVE-DAY holiday gross. The person who comes closest to the final total will win something courtesy of Cartoon Brew. Don’t guess the same number as somebody else otherwise the first person who guessed the number will win. (NOTE: We’re locking the predictions on Thursday night.)

UPDATE: Many Brew readers are predicting $60 million and above. You may be right. According to Deadline, anonymous sources are saying that Tangled is opening “much bigger than expected. Double the 5-day estimates of $35M to $40M.”

You know what would be interesting. If someone took ALL of the legitimate estimates in our comments and found the average. How closely would the collective response of Brew readers match the final box office total. If anybody wants to do this after we close the poll tomorrow night, let me know.

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Amid Amidi

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