Modern Mickey by Paul Rudnick

There is a humor piece by Paul Rudnick in this week’s New Yorker that takes a swipe at the forthcoming Mickey Mouse videogame Epic Mickey:

MEMO: To all Epic Mickey personnel
FROM: Disney Board of Directors
SUBJECT: New Mickey

Guys–we love the rethink, but we just have a few tweaks:

–When Mickey leers at Minnie in the waterfront bar, let’s have him squeak, “You know what they say, baby. Big ears . . .”
–In the “Brokeback Mickey” flashback, when Mickey makes tender love to Donald Duck, let’s have Mickey murmur, “Leave the little sailor hat on.”
–When Mickey is shown starving to death after the nuclear disaster, and he eats Porky Pig, we feel that Porky should still be alive when his feet are removed.

Visit The New Yorker website for the rest of the piece.