Robert Zemeckis and Disney? Robert Zemeckis and Disney?

TMZ ran a breaking story yesterday that says Disney is courting Robert Zemeckis and his “uncanny valley” brand of animated filmmaking. I don’t know if this is true, and considering the story is from TMZ there’s reason to be skeptical, but it’s definitely troubling if the report turns out to be accurate. As somebody pointed out to me this morning, the only possible reason Disney should want to bring Zemeckis on board is to stop him from producing more animated films like POLAR EXPRESS. If anybody knows more about this rumor, we’d be curious to hear at the Brew. Here’s how the TMZ story begins:

In a move with broad implications for the future of the animation business, TMZ has learned that The Walt Disney Company has poached Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis from DreamWorks Pictures, and is a cat’s breath away from signing his ImageMovers production company to a multi-year deal at The Walt Disney Company’s Disney Pixar Animation.

(Thanks, Al Lutz)

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