Whatever happened to…?

staitondog.jpgDavid Stainton – According to Chuck Oberleitner:

The Walt Disney Company no longer employs David Stainton, former head of what was once Walt Disney Feature Animation. Stainton, who was last believed to be working for Mickey overseas in a warehouse at the far backend of the Tokyo Disney property, is back in the Los Angeles area. He is reported to have hung his shingle out and is doing business under the name of Henry’s World Media. Stainton owns a dog named Henry.

ts111.jpgThom Schumacher – Still President of Disney Theatrical Productions; he’ll be appearing in person at Barnes and Noble at The Grove (Los Angeles) on December 13th at 5:30pm, to sign copies of his new book (co-written with Jeff Kurtti) How Does the Show Go On: An Introduction to the Theatre.

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