Why? Because we HATE you! Why? Because we HATE you!

Why? Because we HATE you!

It isn’t everyday that the LA Times prints an editorial that mentions Song of the South (1946) and Alice’s Egg Plant (1925). But that’s just what they did today in condemning Farfur, the Mickey Mouse imposter that hosts Tomorrow’s Pioneers, a kids’ television show on Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV.

The LA Times editorial encourages using a power greater than the U.S. Army to confront to this terror threat: the Disney lawyers!

At the risk of encouraging lawyers, here’s a lawsuit we’d love to see: Hamas getting dragged through some international court by Disney’s implacable army of attorneys. If ever there were a real claim that the company suffered dilution to the value of its intellectual property, this is it.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video everyone is talking about:

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