BIG NEWS: “Herman and Katnip” on DVD

Stop the presses, hold the phone: It’s greatest news since the invention of the Digital Video Disc itself! Unlike the post below, this is NO JOKE! My friend David Lambert at TVshowsonDVD.com is reporting that Classic Media will be releasing Herman and Katnip: The Complete Series on September 6th.

Herman and Katnip were a knock-off of MGM’s Tom and Jerry by Paramount’s Famous Studios. They are some of the most violent cartoons ever created – so much so, they are acknowledged as the inspiration of The Simpsons‘ Itchy and Scratchy. I posted about my favorite Herman and Katnip moment back in 2009. This is not first time these cartoons have appeared on DVD (which their press release implies), they were part of Classic Media’s incomplete Harveytoons Complete Collection. This new single-disc release will cost at measly $7.93, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.com. They will be presented as originally shown in theaters and on television: in full-screen 1.33:1 video format and with English mono audio. Supposedly this is the box art (above left), using the cover of an old Harvey comic book, instead of commissioning a new image. For $7.93, what do you expect?

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