The Nutty Professor in CG

Hey Laaady…

We usually have a problem when Hollywood takes a classic animated property and creates a CG update. I’m not sure what to make of The Weinstein Company’s new Nutty Professor direct-to-DVD CG animated feature (on sale November 25th from Genius Products) but it features the voice and participation of Jerry Lewis himself, recreating his iconic role as Julius Kelp!

Drake Bell (Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh) is cast as his grandson Harold. The plot goes like this:

When Harold gets his hands on the recipe for his grandfather’s secret elixir, he creates a potion that drastically transforms his personality to be more confident and suave. Unfortunately his alter ego is also obnoxious and destructive. Much like his grandfather before him, Harold must face his insecurities and fears while learning to believe in himself without the help of any special concoctions.

I love Jerry Lewis (heck, I even enjoy Drake Bell) so I’m hoping its a decent film. Maybe they’ll send me a review copy (hint, hint)?