Visual effects supervisor. You see the credit on nearly every Hollywood film nowadays, live-action or animated, but what exactly is the job of the vfx supe and how does one go about becoming one? We posed those questions to Daniel Kramer, Sony Imageworks’ vfx supervisor on Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot, which opens on July 15.

Kramer joined Sony Pictures Imageworks in 2000, as a lead fx animator on Spider-Man, and has served as a vfx supervisor on both live-action and animation features, including Edge of Tomorrow, leading work on the beach battle sequences, and Hotel Transylvania. Other projects he has worked on include Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Watchmen, Pixels, and Surf’s Up. Prior to Sony, Kramer worked at VisionArt where he was a lead artist on projects including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Independence Day, and Godzilla.

Our chat with Kramer was conducted last fall at the View Conference in Turin, Italy, a worthwhile event for anyone pursuing a career in vfx and computer graphics. The next edition is coming up in October; more details can be found here.