Get a Horse Get a Horse

Twitter is so often about feuding, sniping, and griping. But it’s also a place for mutual support and admiration. A great example: a thread recently launched by veteran animator Lino DiSalvo.

Recently, DiSalvo — who directed Playmobil: The Movie and served as head of animation on Frozen — took to Twitter to ask a question:

Animators were quick to reply. The resulting discussion showcases a lot of talent, but also vulnerability — many of the artists are honest enough to specify what they found difficult about their shot. In such a competitive industry, it’s important to remember that even established pros have their moments of doubt and struggle. We’ve collected the most interesting responses below…

David Stodolny, Kung Fu Panda 2:

Jill Andersen, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms:

Adam Green, Get a Horse!:

Nasus Lee, The Dragon Prince:

Claire Niebergall, Sausage Party:

Tyson Haeh, Dragons: Rescue Riders:

Arran Baker, How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming: