In just ten minutes, L.A. artist Toniko Pantoja (Dreamworks Animation, Tonko House, Cartoon Network) walks you through everything you need to know about creating an industry-worthy story portfolio that’ll get you a job in feature and tv animation.

Pantoja’s video goes from the basics – practical advice about what kind of physical portfolio to put your drawings in and where to include your contact information – to specific details about what kind of artwork to include in the portfolio (hint: put storyboards in it).

Watch it below:

Here are some of Pantoja’s top tips:

  • Include 2-3 story sequences, preferably of different genres. Each sequence/story should be around 100 panels.
  • Present your storyboards in a clear and conventional format, such as 4×4 or 5×3 panels per page. Including numerous panels on a page makes it easier for the story recruiter to see how your shots relate to each other and how you cut between shots.
  • Be economic with your panel counts. Don’t include lots of drawings showing the same action – that’s the animator’s job. Each panel should have a purpose of story change.

There’s plenty of other excellent advice in Pantoja’s video – and it’s a good bet you won’t find it communicated so concisely and clearly anywhere else.

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