LA SHOW: The Ancient Book of Myth and War

Ancient Book of Myth and War

“The Ancient Book of Myth and War” opens at Gallery Nucleus (30 West Main St., Alhambra, CA) this Saturday, March 24, from 7-11pm. The show of paintings, illustrations and prints based on classic myths and legends features work by four exceptionally talented animation development artists currently working at Pixar: Don Shank, Scott Morse, Lou Romano and Nate Wragg.

With their already crazed animation dayjobs, I have no idea how they find the time to create so much amazing art, but if the show isn’t enough, the work is also being collected into an 80-page hardcover book. A limited number of copies will premiere at the show this Saturday and the book can currently be pre-ordered on Amazon. This Sunday afternoon, there’s also an (almost sold-out) four-hour workshop/painting demo with the quartet. Details for that event are available here.

Stay tuned to the Brew for more details about the book and a contest you won’t want to miss.