Animation Auction Jaw-Droppers

A Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs storybook autographed by the entire staff of the picture…

An original cel and background, from the first Max Fleischer Color Classic, Poor Cinderella (1934):

The actual camera Walt Disney first used to produce Laugh-O-Grams and Alice Comedies in the 1920s…

These are a scant few of the aesthetically wonderful and historically important items Mike Van Eaton has gathered for his latest animation auction with Profiles In History. The complete catalog is now available online. The auction itself takes place on Sunday July 29th. Van Eaton will have much of this material on display at his booth at the San Diego Comic Con.

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images of a few of my personal favorite pieces in this auction: Mary Blair concept paintings for Alice In Wonderland; cels and backgrounds from Tex Avery’s Hollywood Steps Out; producer Fred Quimby’s autograph on a classic Tom & Jerry, Spike & Tyke cel set-up; and Fred Flintstone putting out a cigarette, from the Winston commercial from the show’s first primetime season. Wonderful stuff. Check out the catalog and dream!

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