ASIFA-East Animation Festival


This is going to be a plug for ASIFA-Hollywood.

But first we need to inform all filmmakers that one of the best (and longest running) animation competitions in the U.S.—the ASIFA-East Animation Festival—is accepting entries for its 2007 contrest. This festival celebrates the independent animator, but all animation (student, sponsored, commercial, etc.) is gladly accepted. The entry form is now available online. ASIFA-East members will be voting next month, and the Festival itself is one of the big nights for the New York animation community each year. The winning films tour the country, and screen for the various ASIFA chapters around the world.

That brings me back to ASIFA-Hollywood. Tomorrow night, February 21st, the Hollywood chapter is screening last year’s ASIFA-East Festival award winners. If you want to check it out, the screening is at Dreamworks Animation Studios in Glendale. You must RSVP today—email your full name, guest name, and daytime phone number to publicity (at) The screening begins at 7pm and photo ID is required for entry onto the DreamWorks lot.