Comic Con Followup: Looney Tunes Buttons Comic Con Followup: Looney Tunes Buttons

These mysterious Looney Tunes promotional buttons were handed out, one per day, at the DC Comics booth during the San Diego Comic Con. I say “mysterious” because (a) they were handed out at an obscure corner of the booth by (b) people who weren’t sure they had them (I had to request one each day) and (c) no one seemed to know what exactly these buttons were promoting. DC certainly has no new plans for expanding its Looney Tunes comic book – so why were these produced? The images chosen for these buttons were certainly an odd lot. Number 1 and 5 are nice shots of Bugs and the Road Runner. But number 2 and 3 show characters in peril and button 4 is an indecipherable image of the Tazmanian Devil in mid-spin. As I said, a mystery – but I was happy to snag them.

The Comic Con was, as it has been for the last several years, an overwhelming, overbearing sensory overload. The original convention (i.e. mainly Mark Evanier’s panels, the Harvey and Inkpot awards , the masquerade and the parties) is still there – buried under the Hollywood machine which has moved in and pretty much taken over. Personally, I had a relatively good time, despite almost losing my voice (due to talking) on Friday.

One reason I lost my voice was due to the two book signings and three on-camera intereviews I did during the show. You can see one of these here on MSN (better yet, try here). I was promoting my WORST CARTOONS EVER presentation which is now available for sale as legal DVD (If you are interested in a limited DVD of the actual cartoons I showed at the 2008 Comic Con show write to me at I’ll be posting about some more of the stuff I found as I unpack and unwind over the next few days.

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