CTN Expo 2010 talkback

Here’s the man himself, Jean “Mobius” Giraud, drawing amidst the exhibit hall at the CTN Animation Expo in Burbank yesterday. I was there and had a blast. Like the San Diego Comic Con (but much, much smaller and devoted solely to animation) there was so many things happening at the same time, so many people to meet, so many panels to attend. Congratulations to Tina Price and her crew for putting on a second event that was bigger and better than the first. A true success and a much needed venue for inspiration and networking. Can’t wait for next year!

I caught up with so many friends, spoke to so many acquaintances, colleagues, artists, creators and met so many Brew readers, my voice imploded. So while I’m resting up and drinking hot tea with honey today, I thought I’d open it up to those who attended. What did you think? Have a good time? Let us know in the Comments below.