Going “Looney Tunes” at Comic Con

I’ll be in San Diego next week, lurking around Comic Con, hanging out at Tr!ckster, and showing The Worst Cartoons Ever.

If you’re going, you’ll be seeing a lot of people walking around with this bag (above) which will be handed to all attendees of Comic Con. It’s the official carry-bag of the Con, designed by Warner Bros. Worldwide TV Marketing. The bags feature artwork from 10 different Warner Bros. titles (TV series, video games, DC Comics) on one side, with official Comic-Con 2011 artwork (also designed by WB WW TV Mktg) on the other. For the first time, the giant-sized (24″x28″) bag converts into a backpack, making it more functional. And, yes, the protective poster tube remains intact.

I’ll be posting later this week about my panels and whereabouts. If you know of any parties, panels, things I should check out while there, let me know.