Raymond Scott

The animation festival KLIK! begins tomorrow in Amsterdam and continues through September 19. They presented their first edition in 2007, and they’ve evolved into a full-fledged animation festival with lots of quirky events to boot.

Among the highlights: the Dutch premiere of Deconstructing Dad, a documentary about composer Raymond Scott (pictured above), whose songs have been used in cartoons by everybody from Bob Clampett to John Kricfalusi. Scott’s son, Stan Warnow, who made the film, will be present, and afterwards composer Nik Phelps will lead a jam session “in the spirit of Raymond Scott.”

Another interesting event is the Ren and Stimpy tribute, in which Dutch animators and comic artists will present their favorite scenes from the show and talk about how it changed their lives. The event also includes a karaoke sing-a-long with the Log Song and Happy Happy Joy Joy. There’s also the Animator’s Cage, in which “you can see animators in their natural habitat, [and] watch how animators create an animated film right before your very eyes!” One more event that caught my eye is the Political Animation Competition in which recent politically-oriented animated shorts will be screened. Tickets for the entire festival are reasonably priced and available on the festival’s website KlikAmsterdam.nl.