LA Film Festival gets Animated

The Los Angeles Film Festival begins next week (June 14-24), and there is much of interest for animation fans – including the first U.S. showing of Disney’s new short Paperman (above). First, they’ve got the North American premiere of The King of Pigs, the Korean animated feature about violence and bullying in high school. There are two advance screenings of Pixar’s Brave connected to the festival – the first being the big Hollywood world premiere at the Kodak Dolby Theater. Then, the following day, a second screening downtown that is open to anybody.

Another film–one that hasn’t been on our radar–is An Oversimplification of Her Beauty. It’s an American indie that’s somewhat experimental, but it has a lot of animation in it. The animators include Emory Allen, Hannah J Buck, Sam Corey, Coire Dangerous, Audrey Halgand, Markus Kempken, Leo and Natasha, Jeanne Mailloux, and Timo Prousalis.

There is a good amount of animated shorts and music videos; here’s a link to most of the animated fare in the festival. There are also two Women in Animation panels on Sunday June 17th at 2:30pm (downtown at Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE 13). One, Behind The Scenes: Movies Made From Scratch takes a look at the creative process, and is moderated by Kristine Belson, Executive producer of DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon. Panelists include: Michelle Raimo Kouyate, President of Production, Sony Pictures Animation; Jacqui Lopez, Executive Visual Effects Producer, ILM; Karen Rupert Toliver, VP of Production, Twentieth Century Fox Animation; and Katherine Sarafian, producer of Pixar’s Brave.

The other panel, What’s Cooking? A Sneak Peak at Coming Attractions is moderated by Rebecca Keegan, Los Angeles Times film writer, with panelists including Allison Abbate, producer of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie; Michelle Murdocca, producer of Sony Animation’s Hotel Transylvania; Arianne Sutner, producer of LAIKA’s ParaNorman; and Kristina Reed, producer of Disney Animation’s Paperman.