LACMA in April: Alice, Fischinger and Paramount Cartoons

The spectacular sold out UPA program at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) last week marked the beginning of even more animation events being planned for The Bing Theatre. In fact, the next few weeks are practically a festival of animation at the museum.

Starting tonight is a two-week series Adventures in Wonderland: Alice and Other Lost Girls in Fantastic Worlds, which will include a look at some of the great Alice In Wonderland adaptations, including Jan Svankmajer’s Alice (tonight at 7:30pm), William Menzies’ 1933 Paramount version (4/7 @ 5pm), Disney’s 1951 animated feature (4/14 @ 5pm), and Lou Bunin’s stop-mo feature plus Quay Brothers shorts (4/14 @ 7:30pm).

On Thursday April 26th, as part of the Museum’s series celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Paramount Pictures, there will be a tribute to the studio’s animated legacy. At 7:30pm South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut will screen – followed at 9pm by a tribute (curated by me, Jerry Beck) to Paramount Cartoons where I will introduce a full program of 35mm archive prints – including Fleischer Betty Boop, George Pal Puppetoons, Famous’ Baby Huey, Gene Deitch Munro and John Hubley’s Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass Double Feature. The double bill with South Park is $10. There will also be a separate admission available ($5) for just the Paramount shorts at 9pm. More details to come!

On Friday April 27th the Center For Visual Music will host a double feature of experimental classics. First, at 7:30 Design In Motion: Oskar Fischinger and Abstract Animation a program of 35mm preserved prints of Fischinger’s visual music films: Allegretto, Motion Painting no. 1, Composition in Blue, Kreise, An American March, Radio Dynamics, Spirals, Spiritual Constructions, Studies 5,6,7 and 8, and more. At 9pm, a program of modernist animation by California artists (including 16mm films by Jordan Belson, Jules Engel, Harry Smith and others). These programs will introduced by Cindy Keefer of Center for Visual Music.